Strategic Empath and Relationship Advisor

Complete Services

I offer confidential services world-wide in:       Third Party Empathic Analysis, Multiparty or Multi person readings, Empathic Conflict Resolution, Analysis and Problem Solving, Couples Counseling, Business Analysis,Behavioral analysis and Problem Solving ,Competitor and Business Development Analysis


                                                                               My services have been offered for over a decade.  My services would be counted as intuitive but with a detailed knowledge of psychology, international, economic, technological and world events, I have tailored my services to help you understand your interpersonal and economic relationships in an intelligent manner.

I am also the first psychic online to have offered Empathic Readings online. The tagline “What’s he or she thinking”  was my tagline and helped inspire the empathic community.  I have to date written 130 blogs of my concepts and experiences since 2007.

Most readings are in USD.

Most good readings can be approximated twenty minutes to start.   Name is needed only. All readings are confidential.

Deposits accepted upon first consultation. Prices can be adjusted according to needs and budget when you become a  valued repeat client. All payments accepted via Paypal.

I also welcome you to google my FEEDBACK on the internet. You can google my name and it will come up with my listing company, – and my name. I have included some comments and feedback from clients. This feedback is current and I will update the feedback on occasion – but you can google me and see the same thing.

Here you can see the Feedback. I have no way of removing or editing the feedback, it is managed by this listing agency. You can also if you wish, contact me through there.





One comment on “Complete Services

  1. Jospeh Rodebaugh
    June 20, 2013

    Outstanding work once again. Thanks a lot=)

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