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Links – 2017

It’s been almost five years since I have written. I have almost completed the premise for an animal communication study of which the outline is almost complete. This should allow me to understand human communication better. It has! Here you can find the beginnings of it in this article:

I work on two sites at this point and was able to develop my work and my rationale through humans. This is a psyche study as well as my love for humans and primates.

This is the Body of Work on the Psychic Radio: 2014

This is from my Independent Research and writings from 2013, and I fear the humans are at times in a swarm are worse than Computers. Why is that? Because we code them and we are stupid.

From the work I have done animals and insects are indeed more intelligent in their design and ability to perceive so if possible please review my work in the following years. I have been so blessed to be able to have worked on this nature project. This could help us understand artificial intelligence, if we should need it. One note: I am an expert animal trainer and they do not interact for testing or for review without permission and respect.

This is a communication project for my personal work and not to be emulated.This is applicable for social studies and psychology and is personalized.

I am still studying physics but it is a constant argument of the wits when it is meant to be enjoyed like art –  so I am slowly working through mathematics to ascertain further answers to your Tarot concerns. If you feel you would like to look at my work:

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